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Studying at Home

with Julie Diaz

About Me

Self- Mastery Life Coach

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I was always the person in my circle that people went to when they needed advice. I often asked myself "why?" In my mind, I didn't have it figured out and I sure as heck did not have the picture perfect life. It wasn't until I finally had the courage to ask a friend why they kept coming to me for relationship advice (I was single and fearful of commitment); their response "You listen. You don't tell me what you think I want to hear. You tell me what I need to hear." That stuck with me and inspired me to heal my inner world. I got introduced to personal development in 2014 and attended my first workshop in 2017. I took the tools that I learned, practiced them in my life, healed my relationship with myself, and gave myself the chance I'd been looking for all along. In the midst of a pandemic, I took a leap and attended a life coaching certification program. Here I am today, ready to serve you.

I specialize in helping people identify the tools that they already posses, so that they can reach their goals in personal, spiritual, and career. I like to say that I turn "Jack-of-all-trades" into Masters of self. Self- love is simply not enough to describe it. As when you choose to co-create with me, you give yourself the opportunity to be empowered by your authentic self. Get in touch to learn more.


1 Corinthians 16:14

"Do everything in love"

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