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My Story

Loving. Accepting. Experienced.

To say that I come from a world where my past did not dictate my future, would be a disservice to all the work I've done. For, I believe, that every single thing I've experienced made it possible for me to be here, to coach you.

From being abused as a child, to growing up without my parents, I thought I wasn't going to amount to anything. I had big dreams, but I only ever allowed myself to think of them when I laid my head on the pillow. It was as if I was telling myself a bedtime story each night. 

Until that wasn't enough. Simply dreaming about a better life wasn't working. So I picked up my first personal development book Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. It's safe to say that I haven't looked back since. That book was a slap in my face. While I was going through life thinking "I know exactly how to make my dreams a reality" this book triggered the shit out of my trauma. So I got to work. I started in therapy and then graduated into emotional awareness workshops.

Therapy was great and it helped me heal the trauma underneath. But it wasn't until I stepped into emotional awareness that I actually got it. These workshops created the space for me to acknowledge, face and overcome my limiting beliefs. 

And so, I was reborn. My purpose called me and I answered. Through trials and tribulations, I made it to this point. But it wasn't easy. It took commitment and willingness to take myself on. I wouldn't be here without facing myself and that's exactly how I approach my clients. When you choose me you choose yourself because through working with me, you realize that all I do is create the safe space for you to face the shadows that have been lurking in the back and shed a light to them, until you are able to light your own fire to cast them out. 

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